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About Membership

About VIP Leads Membership


VIP Leads Membership allows users to pay a small monthly subscription to have access to all of our leads rather than purchase leads at full cost.

Membership starts with Bronze (the lowest) and works it's way up to Platinum (the highest) as you go up in memberships the type of leads available change and become more and more qualified and valuable. 

Each membership has access to all other memberships below it, for example; Silver Membership can access all leads in the Bronze Membership as well as those in the Silver Membership. Gold Membership can access all leads in the Silver & Bronze Memberships as well as those in the Gold Membership. And Platinum Membership can access all leads in all memberships below it. 

So as you can see the higher the membership the more access and value you gain. 

Our staff monitor what our members are downloading in order to determine what leads we need to keep topping up, this way all of our members receive leads without competing with each other as we ensure that there will always be new leads added regularly.

All of our leads come from different marketing campaigns but mainly from Telemarketing to ensure the highest quality.

Our Membership also includes access to Telemarketing Scripts & Training that you can use for your team.

With our memberships always adding new leads, lists & databases it allows your business to grow and easily produce more sales on a continuous basis.

Leads, Lists & Databases can be used for any type of marketing strategy or campaign.

There are no contracts and you can cancel anytime!

To become a member simply JOIN NOW!