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Frequently Asked Questions






How many memberships will I need for my business?

Each membership subscription contains 1 log in profile. 



If I become a member won't I just be competing with other people in my industry for these leads?

No. There may well be other members in your industry who are also members on our site, we do however hire according to the number of members we have and each member is invited to suggest leads for us to add at any time. The reason we hire according to the number of members we have is so that more leads can be added more often to the categories that are being utilized by our members the most. This way if you download leads from our site at 9am there may be several more batches of leads added again by 9:15am for the next member who comes along.  We do also invite all new members to fill out our survey upon signing up so that we know what industry they are in and what type of leads they are looking for. Our staff also monitor the downloads for all members. On top of all of this our membership site offers over 58 million leads with more being added all the time so generally each member will have no problem finding leads that work great for them. 


Will the leads ever run out?

We have staff dedicated to providing you with more leads on a regular basis and we hire according to the number of members we need to cater for. So no the leads won't ever run out, we may from time to time change the focus of the types of leads based on our members individual needs however we will never run out of leads in general. And you can always suggest leads using our suggest leads form on the members homepage if we aren't supplying the type of leads you want or need. 


Are there any contracts or cancellation fees?

NO, VIP Leads do not have any lock in contracts or cancellation fees. If at anytime you wish to cancel you can do so through your account. 


What can I use these leads for?

Our leads can be used for any type of sales or marketing campaign. 


How do I access the leads?

Once you join to become a member you can log in to your membership right away, from there you simply select the membership level and leads you wish to access and download them directly to your computer in an excel spreadsheet.


What format are the leads in?

All of our leads are in excel format. 


Are the leads qualified?

Some leads are qualified some are not, each lead type will have this information on the page where the leads are located. 


What if VIP Leads don't have the type of leads I want?

If we do not currently have the type of leads you want, we may have access to them. So please Suggest Leads Here then we can shoot you through an email to let you know when we have them available. 


How do I know what leads are included in what membership?

Each membership level gives access to all of the leads listed under that membership level as well as all the membership levels under it.


Do you offer any type of Guarantee?

YES! You can read the full terms of our Money Back Guarantee HERE