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How to capture more sales leads for real estate…

publication date: Nov 4, 2015
author/source: VIP LEADS

How to capture more sales leads for real estate… It’s an age old question that every real estate agent will find themselves asking many times throughout their career, how can I capture more sales leads for real estate?

With technology always advancing it can now get confusing on what the best methods are, things are “new” and there are lot’s of “fresh ideas” out there. Gone are the days when all you needed to do was follow a few simple steps to market your product effectively! But if you know what works, it can be simple and effective for you to capture more real estate sales leads effectively.

The first piece of advice I would like to offer real estate agents is this, don’t overwhelm yourself! No doubt you already have some marketing strategies that are working for generating real estate leads, if not stick to the simple tried and tested “easy” methods and then gradually add to your real estate lead generation skills one by one. This way you can take the time to learn each new real estate lead generation technique one by one and then each technique will become simple for you, once you have mastered one way to capture more real estate leads then add another real estate lead generation technique to the mix.

I would also recommend that you start with the real estate lead generation techniques that you feel most comfortable with and that would utilize skills you already have, this will make it easier for you to capture more real estate sales leads. It should also be noted that all of these methods which can be used to capture more real estate leads can be done by you the real estate agent, you don’t need to hire anyone or spend your hard earned money or money you haven’t even earned yet paying others to market and advertise for you.

The internet is a great tool and you can really find out how to do pretty much anything yourself these days. The following ideas will link to relevant websites that I have found useful in the past when capturing more real estate sales leads. I hope this information will help you with capturing more real estate sales leads for yourself too…

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Sounds scary doesn’t it? I thought so too when I was first introduced to SEO, when it first came out my bosses brought in an SEO expert and gave him his own department in the company and yep you guessed it, as the director of marketing I was to work with him on this new concept I knew nothing about.

I was fascinated with what he told me he could do by using SEO and how it could capture more real estate leads, and more leads for any other industry I wanted! I was blown away and to be honest when you start to learn and put it to work, I am sure you will be as astounded and excited as I was too. So right away I got to work researching, I googled everything I could about it and took in as much information as I could. From there amazing results started to come in, I was capturing many more real estate sales leads and not just any real estate sales leads, these real estate sales leads were people who were genuinely interested in real estate!They were out looking for real estate and I was out looking for people who were interested in real estate! Needless to say it was a perfect match and sales began to increase dramatically.

When it comes to SEO I didn’t think I would be able to conduct my own SEO without an SEO expert, but I soon came to learn that I was wrong. I actually outdone our very own SEO expert, I was bringing in so many real estate sales leads and he wasn’t really bringing in much at all. What I learned was that the reason I was so good at capturing real estate sales leads was that I knew the real estate industry inside out. I knew what my potential real estate customers would be looking for and I knew what would appeal to them. I was also able to write plenty of original content related to the real estate industry that was of value and google noticed! In the SEO game original content will be your best friend, with this alone you can and will achieve great results in capturing more real estate sales leads.

Check out: SEO Basics – 8 Essentials when optimizing your site

If you don’t have your own website then you can also use a lot of different online tools to capture more real estate sales leads as well. One of my favorites is Hot Frog this site is a gem when it comes to SEO, you can use this in conjunction with a website as well, it will drive traffic to your website, email and phone. Hot Frog is a powerful online directory which is highly favored by Google and other search engines allowing it’s content to shoot to the top of search engines, so when you enter content under your directory listing then you are essentially riding the Hot Frog wave to the top of the search engines.

It works and it works fast, so simply pick one search phrase at a time that you think your potential real estate clients or customers would be typing into a search engine and write as much content as you can containing that phrase and then move onto the next one. You can check by googling the phrases every couple of days to see where you’re ranking. If it’s not where you want then keep writing original content including that phrase as much as possible until you reach your desired position. Check out: How to write so Google loves you Also Google to find out more about SEO and try to learn as much as possible, you can also check out the ultimate tool to capture more real estate sales leads through SEO Google Webmasters I could really go on all day about SEO and how it will capture more real estate sales leads for you but I will move on to some more great ways to capture real estate sales leads.

ONLINE ADVERTISING – Internet Advertising

Your SEO skills will help you here, as the better the content and the more phrases or keywords your online ads contain the more likely they are to be found by those looking for real estate and the more real estate sales leads you will capture! There are many websites available where you can conduct online advertising or internet advertising for FREE! Here’s a few of my favourites for capturing more real estate sales leads… Gumtree Trading Post Quicksales Don’t forget again google Free Classifieds if you want to find more places to advertise so you can capture more real estate sales leads.  

SMS MARKETING – Mobile Marketing

Ok so this one might cost you a little bit of cash, but you can capture more real estate sales leads via SMS marketing if it is in your budget. The great thing about SMS marketing is that it is possible for you to start small and work your way up from there. If you have free SMS with your network provider then all you will need to purchase is some mobile real estate leads if you don’t have some already  you can do this via our store.

SMS Marketing is a great way to direct market to your target market and capture more hot real estate leads. Just always remember to include your website in the SMS Message so they can visit your site from their mobile phone.  

EMAIL MARKETING – Sending Bulk Emails

Sending bulk emails is a great way to drive traffic to your real estate website or capture more real estate sales leads. It’s a simple yet effective online tool which can be done with a few clicks of a button using affordable bulk mailing software or you could do it for free if you wish to take the time to send 500 at a time.

If you don’t have opt-in email marketing lists already to enable you to capture more real estate sales leads you can buy some here, otherwise if you do have them then you can get started by putting an advert together and then mailing it to your email marketing list. You will find the traffic to your website will go up and generally sales will begin to come in. Just make sure your email marketing list aligns with your target market. A nice professional looking email is always important as well. If you don’t have any experience making posters or professional email templates then check out Canva.  

TELEMARKETING - Telesales Telemarketing is always a great way to build new relationships and capture fresh real estate sales leads. It also captures real estate sales leads which may not have been in the market for your products or services had you not contacted them. It’s certainly possible to conduct your own telemarketing using carefully written telemarketing scripts. Or you could also hire a reputable telemarketing company to conduct the telemarketing for you.

The script is the most important part of telemarketing and you need to ensure that the real estate sales leads captured will be qualified, this means you need to ask the right questions in your script to ensure that the prospect will be a qualified real estate sales lead.   I hope this small list helps you with capturing more real estate sales leads! If you need any leads for your marketing campaigns don’t forget VIP Leads membership & store offer the best pricing for qualified leads, databases and list!