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Australian Forex (FX) Investor Sales Leads

publication date: Nov 24, 2015
author/source: VIP LEADS

Australian Forex (FX) Investor Sales Leads 

VIP Leads Australia 

Forex Sales Leads Australia - Semi Exclusive

Price Per Lead (PPL): $2

UNLIMITED Access via Membership: $999 per month


VIP Leads Australia offer the highest quality Forex Sales Leads in Australia. 

VIP Leads Australia's semi exclusive Australian Forex sales leads are leads which have been generated for general investments which can also be utilized as Forex sales leads.

Our semi exclusive Forex sales leads are highly qualified Forex sales leads which have only been sold for other types of investments and can be used for the Forex investments industry. We supply our Forex sales leads to many Australian Forex companies both big and small and they use our semi exclusive Forex sales leads to generate sales of their Forex investment products and services.


The semi exclusive Forex sales leads are a great way to boost productivity and are an extremely affordable lead source. The leads have all been generated within the last 12 months.


Here is how our Semi Exclusive Forex sales leads are qualified;


We ask the following questions in order to qualify the investment sales leads when speaking with the prospect:


1. Are you currently interested in investing?

2. Do you have any investments at the moment or have you invested previously? (if so what in) 

3. Do you have $10,000 - $30,000 to invest if you did like this investment?

4. Are you the owner or manager of a business?

5. Would you be interested in generating _________ % in profits each month?

6. Would you be interested in receiving free information and a follow up call from one of our Forex consultants?


Here's some reasons why our semi exclusive Forex sales leads are higher quality than our competitors;


  • Our agents are trained to only submit investment leads where the prospect is generally intersted, if at any point the prospect mentions that they aren't interested in investing or says no then the agent is instructed to end the call and move on to the next one. 


  • All of our semi exclusive Forex Leads are covered under a replacement policy whereby any lead with incorrect contact details will be replaced free of charge. 


  • ​Our agents are not allowed to push prospects into answering the questions or receiving a follow up call.



Here is what our semi exclusive Forex sales leads can do for your Forex business;



  • Increase profits and sales for your Forex company.


  • Motivate your sales team by providing higher quality Forex sales leads. 


  • Increase productivity of your sales team by supplying sellable Forex sales leads. 


  • Reduce stress as the process and delivery of leads is simple easy and reliable.


VIP Leads Australian Forex (FX) Investor Sales Leads  can be purchased from our store for the low price of just $2 per lead or our Australian Forex (FX) Investor Sales Leads  are also a part of the Platinum Membership which gives you unlimited access to all of our Australian Forex (FX) Investor Sales Leads  and much more.


You can purchase our Australian Forex (FX) Investor Sales Leads  here: