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Pay Per Lead - Solar Sales Leads

publication date: Aug 1, 2018

VIP Leads have affordable solar sales leads available for immediate purchase. 


Our solar sales leads are pay per lead and are all highly qualified. 


VIP Leads

Semi Exclusive Solar Sales Leads Australia - Buy Now

Price Per Lead: $2

Our semi exclusive solar sales leads are available for purchase now and once you pay you can download them right away!

These semi exclusive solar sales leads are highly qualified solar sales leads for the solar panel installation industry. We supply our semi exclusive solar sales leads to many Australian solar companies both big and small and they use our semi exclusive solar sales leads to generate sales of solar panels.

Here is an example of how our semi exclusive solar sales leads are qualified;

We ask the following questions in order to qualify the solar sales leads when speaking with the prospect:

1. Do you already have solar electricity panels or solar hot water?    (must be a NO)

2. Are the homeowner?      (must be YES) 

3. Are you looking at selling your home in the next 24months? (must be a NO)

4. And you are interested in receiving a call to inform you of the benefits of solar? (must be a YES)

5. What type of roof do you have?   (add in comments)

6. Is your home a free standing home, a duplex or a unit? (add in comments must NOT be a unit)

7. And what would you say you are currently spending on your electricity bills – on average? (must be $200 or more add in comments)

8. Do you have an email address so we can email you more details?

(email is not required but the telemarketing agent must ask)

9. Are you willing to receive a call from a qualified solar installer within the next week or so?

(must be YES)

10. Would you have $3,000 to $10,000 to spend on solar panels if you were interested?

(must be YES, if no telemarketing agent can offer interest free payment plan where applicable)


These Semi exclusive solar sales leads are already qualified for the above, when you purchase semi exclusive leads. Leads are used which is why they are for sale for the low price of just $2 per lead. We do not provide any refunds for semi exclusive leads. All leads were generated within the past 12 months.

Here's some reasons why our solar sales leads are higher quality than our competitors;

  • Our telemarketing agents are trained to only submit leads where the prospect is interested, if at any point the prospect mentions that they aren't interested in solar or says no then the agent is instructed to end the call and move on to the next one. 

  • All of our semi exclusive solar sales leads are quality checked and all calls are listened to by our qualification team before being submitted to you. 

  • All semi exclusive solar sales leads are checked to ensure they do not already have solar installed before sending through to you. If you receive any leads which do already have solar installed they will be replaced free of charge.

  • ​Our agents are not allowed to push prospects into answering the questions or receiving a follow up call.

  • We take the time and measures needed to ensure the team working on your campaign are properly trained and fully understand the product and/or service you are offering and their job at hand. 

Here is what our semi exclusive solar sales leads can do for your solar business;

  • Increase profits and sales for your solar company.

  • Motivate your sales team by providing higher quality solar sales leads leading to more sales being closed. 

  • Increase productivity of your sales team by supplying sellable leads. 

  • Relieve stress as the process and delivery of leads is simple easy and reliable.

  • Provide a quick source of leads for your sales team.


Some clients also use these semi exclusive solar sales leads for other types of businesses such as solar panel cleaning, LED lighting, & other solar products & services. These semi exclusive solar sales leads aren't just limited to the solar industry either, you can use them for any type of business.